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Carter & Jasper is gearing up for anniversary celebrations.

Yes. There are many periods celebrating their anniversary....American Civil War (150th), Second Seminole War and Texas War of independence (175th) and the War of 1812 (200th). And these are the bigger known 25ths. We've been doing our best to getting many of these items in stock...but also for orders. Though we mainly focus on the 1850s-60s era, we have built items for these other periods. So if it's not "in stock" doesn't mean we can't make the items. For some other news, I'm going to start listing photos of the many items I do produce. There has been many questions as to whether we make this or that. Hopefully, this will help you. We'll make notes on items in stock for your convenience.
Joe Blunt.

Affordable Authenticity

Period mercantile photoAs living historians, we constantly look for quality authentic goods, usual and unusual, from a variety of makers, all with one thing in common: authenticity and quality.

Many of Carter & Jasper’s items are one-of-a-kind and not continually available. We also carry some antique items that are in good condition and of interest to collectors or living historians.

My main goal is to keep things in the realm of civilian items. Yes, and even for some of our lady visitors. I will continue to make military items and list them serparately.

We hope you enjoy C&J's internet mercantile, and we look forward to meeting each of you in the field.

-Joe Blunt 

Period tenting photoCarter & Jasper was started as an impression at quality living history events where Chris Utley, former owner, would set up a period sutler impression or peddle from a period push cart. This continued with the same setup under the hands of Justin Morris. By November 2009, the name continued to Joe Blunt.

I have been involved in living history for 25 years, participating in events throughout the US and even working at a number of historic sites. My main portrayal was that of a soldier, from several periods. The 1840's-1860's has been my true interest. 

The market, at the time, was quite small and the more museum quality sources even smaller.  Through research, trial and error, callused and bloody fingers, I was able to produce items that were not only to my liking, but to others.  For over 15 years, I have been lucky enough to sell items to museums, historic sites and living historians and collectors.  I was offered C&J and will continue to offer its quality items and service.

Although C&J has grown over the last few years to include a large tent, a wagon, and now a website, our goals have not changed. We still strive to provide you the best quality products at the lowest possible prices—sometimes in a first-person authentic setting, and others in “sutler row” at larger events.

Not only are we concerned about quality products, but also the quality of our “period” customer service, if you will.

Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendor