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HouseholdCovers and Containers

Civilian BlanketsCivilian Blankets


coverlet coverletvirg

Nice period reproduction coverlets. These are nice lightweight pieces. Great for both home or in the field.



Groundsheet Groundsheet2

These groundcloths are painted one color and a bit simpler than the one above. They are 72"x48". These are great for both civilian and soldier for either keeping off the damp, cool ground or as a tarp. We offer hemmed and unhemmed ends.

Hemmed starting at


Unhemmed edge starting at


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Containers & Carry-AllsContainers

Wallpaper-covered “Band Boxes”

Outside of Band BoxInside of Band Box

All of the boxes have the wallpaper outside covering and are lined with newspaper on the inside. Current in-stock colors include red/taupe (shown), red/white, brown, green, and blue.

All colors come in 6" or 3" high boxes. Additionally, the tallest boxes are 10" (red/taupe and blue), 9" (brown and green), and 8" (red/white).

8"-10" Height


6" Height


3" Height


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Stearin Candles

Stearin Candle

These candles are made of stearin just as period candles. They provide a long burning time and are straight, with no modern "fluting". Price per candle.



We have, in stock, some really nice beeswax candles. They are about 8" long and ensures a good long burn


Lucifers (Matches)

Package of lucifers

Handmade pasteboard box covered with marble paper. Contains matches and small slip of sandpaper for striking (as per original). Original in Sturbridge Village collection.


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Feminine FripperiesFeminine Fripperies

Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottles

Reproduction period perfume bottles. Styles may vary.


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