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"Carter and Jasper is pleased to offer reproduction jewelry from Beth Miller-Hall of Gettysburg, PA. These are all copied from original pieces and hand-crafted by Beth. These are wonderful and affordable creations."

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"Bracelets made from horn, vulcanite, jet and Bois Durci "beads" strung onto elastic cord were very popular during the Victorian period. Regardless of the material, they were all originally designed to be black. Elastic was a realtively new invention and it's qualities were quickly recognized. It is not unusual to find surviving bracelets that combine parts from several styles and materials, possibly the result of a repair to the initial bracelet. This style may also have been popular due to the fact that bracelets could easily be altered to fit various wrist sized and did not require an expensive clasp."

Bog Oak Abbey Design

Bog Oak Abbey


Horn Flower Burst Design

Horn Flower Burst



"This type of pin was one of the most common black brooches available during the Civil War era. When gutta percha and vulcanite started to be mass produced in this manner, it quickly allowed the middle class to afford jewelry that previously had only been hand made from jet. This type of pin was usually made in two pieces, the base and the top. The two pieces were generally interchangeable, allowing for many variable styles. These "pins" were also used on cuff bracelets, which may have lead to these items being sold in sets. These reproductions have the correct period "t" bar style closure."

Bird & Rope Design

Bird & Rope Design Brooch


Vulcanite Stag Brooch

Large Stag Brooch

This style of vulcanite brooch was very popular during the mid Victorian era. It is ratr to find one that has no damage to the morre fragile areas, especially the antlers an leaves. This one is in excellent condition, and has been reproduced in amazing detail. This decorative top was used on both brooches and cuff bracelets and they may have been sold in set. This also has the correct "t" bar closure.


Angel Mourning Brooch


This brooch was originally made of vulcanite. It is full of funerary symbolism, and is definitely a mourning piece. The main part of the design depicts a grave side image that is frequently incorporated into mourning pieces. The angel watching over the scene reminds the living that the soul of the departed will be accompanied to heaven. The sides of the brooch are adorned.


Shield Design Brooch

Shield Design Brooch

Shield Design Bog Oak Brooch w/ Abbey Motif


Domed Horn Brooch

Domed Horn Brooch

Domed Horn Brooch w/ Acorn Motif


Belt Buckles

Belt buckles like these were a very common fashion accessary during the Civil War, and many have survived. These were made from Vulcanite, Gutta Percha, Pressed Horn and Tortoise Shell. The styles were as varied as the materials. Sometimes the buckles were made with a medallion type back and a decorative front, very similar to the cuff bracelets. It is not un-common to find the same decorative front being used on buckles, bracelets and brooches, but it is unclear if these items were ever sold as sets. The belt itself was usually made of a dark ribbon or plain fabric. These are all made to be applied to the desired belt.

Large Urn Buckle

Large Urn Buckle

Large Urn Buckle


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